About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help consumer and industrial product companies drive profitability through a product-focused approach that provides the right portfolio of products with the right set of features, along with a competitive cost structure.

Our Story

PDT Strategy was founded in 2022 after I realized that many manufacturers struggled with similar challenges when developing new products or rolling out post-production product refreshes/sustaining improvement. Even minor product updates and fixes can sometimes drag on for months as low-priority to-do items, with critical path activities sitting across companies and sometimes countries. Larger product updates and refreshes get kicked off with limited resourcing, no alignment among the internal organization or external suppliers and service providers. PDT Strategy helps companies looking to refocus and realign their internal and external teams and stakeholders around their product-focused initiatives. We bring key methodologies and toolkits to enable our clients to transform their businesses.

Our Founder

Adrian West, MBA, PE, PMP

Adrian West has had a distinguished career spanning various strategic roles in prominent organizations, driving transformative projects that have consistently delivered significant value. Whether it is launching new products, leading digital transformations, optimizing supply chains, or developing new sales channels, Adrian’s multifaceted expertise ensures that he approaches challenges with a holistic perspective. Throughout his tenure in diverse roles, he has consistently showcased an ability to lead cross-functional teams, align stakeholders, and execute on strategic initiatives that align with broader business objectives. This adaptability and forward-thinking approach, combined with his engineering and program management acumen, have made him a sought-after professional in the industrial and consumer products sectors.